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Mission & Belief Statement



The Chesterfield High School's mission is to provide an academic environment that enables all students to earn a quality education, which in turn promotes lifelong learning, responsible citizenship, and success in the workplace.


  • Student learning is our top priority and high expectations yield high  results.
  • All students can learn and learning is life long.
  • All students have the right to earn a quality education in a positive and safe environment and to become productive members of a  democratic and cohesive society.
  • It is academically advantageous for students to learn in a cross -curricular environment in which they have hands-on learning and are actively engaged.
  • All students should be treated with dignity and respect in learning environments that reflect appreciation and understanding of multicultural diversity.
  • Schools should respond to changes in business, technology,community,and family structures.
  • Schools should implement innovative teaching and learning strategies that reflect tomorrow’s work force in a diverse society.
  • Involvement in extra curricular activities enhances a student’s overall education and helps to develop life-long work ethics and social skills.
  • Learning is the responsibility of each individual student and that parents and guardians of these students are responsible and accountable for actively supporting the learning process.